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Tagebuch 18;1996-1997 englisch

Diary 18


On 06.11.1996


Everlasting Small Strong
Force. Short Medium unit force. Eternally Great weak force.




On 04.01.1997


Left brain and right brain
spirit soul! Both equally (approximately) can be great!

Movement is change, life!
Standing still is stagnation, death! If my body is asleep, wakes up my mind!

If my body wakes up, sleeping
my mind!

On day dreaming my body and
my mind is asleep! Indian night dreaming my mind and my body is asleep!

During the day, the spirit of
the prisoners of the body (deep sleep Spiritual death).

At night, the body of the
prisoner of the mind (deep sleep Physical death) is.

19:35 Hale-Bopp!

When we die:

Then we leave the future,
then we leave the past,

The dream begins with birth
and ends with death. I just need a dream to see that. Need Other more dreams?

Birth is what we call

On 08.04.1997

The first is found using
logic and the end one finds with the help of the imagination! Back to the top
you have to go into the deep end in the width! Focus and spherical surface!
Inside drill and ask for outside! make room!

Only with the help of the
mind (logic and imagination inwards outwards)

Vice versa.

We are starting out from
inside and the end we learn from outside!

We need to be inside and
outside noticeable!

The core is highly explosive
and implosive the shell weak! The core can only be opened when the tray is
open! To prevent any leakage excess force by the bowl! So we know the end from
the beginning! That is the imagination opens the logic!

We know the end from the
beginning! Therefore, we need to focus our attention in the future (the faith)
with the help of imagination and not vice versa!

Do we expect the end:


On 09.04.1997


 We are in the cosmos
included inwards and outwards. But we have to connect internally and

The time spent in the room is
available for each step of the same, only the speed is reduced to the inside
and increases to the outside! Energy is consumed in each step the same! Inside
it is heavier and outward, it becomes easier!

Who wants to come inside to
inside and who wants to outside, come outside. The balancing act from inside to
outside is not possible in most living things.

There is no predictable chaos
and no unpredictable cosmos. If the chaos predictable, it becomes the cosmos
and the cosmos unpredictable, then it becomes a mess.

In the beginning there was on
earth, the cosmos (predictable). After the calculations were faked and it broke
as a result of the chaos.

At the moment we are about to
look for the error and correct!

I am the cosmos (predictable)
and against chaos (unpredictable)!

The man caused the chaos
(disorder -Unberechenbarkeit) in the cosmos.

On 14.06.1997

There are a limited time with
limited space.

So first expansion and then

The limited time and limited
space are an illusion! The survivors are limited! Limited presence, limited

I live in illusions! There is
no reality and no truth!

 Neither the man nor the
animals, nor plants, nor the dead matter! In reality and truth there is only
the infinite and the vacuum and the eternity and the present! There are no
limits of knowledge. Knowledge is infinite and eternal in vacuum and present!


On 15.06.1997


We consist entirely of
zero-points of energy points. Is it possible that we exist only energy
patterns, energy-beam or out of power structures? (Are).

The universe consists only of
zero-points of energy points! Is it possible that in (the) universe is only an
energy reserve of a functioning mechanism large, a spaceship? Is the universe
an energy product of another being? Produce the zero-point energy in life:
abundant energy? Pure Energy the universe? Is it spiritual energy?

A thought and the universe is


On 23.06.1997


What do the unborn and what
do the dead? How does a unborn lives and how a dead man!

Within the zero and outside
of the infinite happens. But what?


On 19.07.1997


Why and How?

A spaceship!

Where and Why?

There is an unborn Urvolk!
There are many died Nachvölker!

Which Nachvolk place for
ancient people, the root back?

Where is the original people
to seek and find? Sits the ancient people unborn in the spaceship? Where is
this spaceship? If the spacecraft to search in a vacuum? Hides it in infinite
space? How can you find the spaceship?

Were we before the big bang
(all beings of the universe) in the space ship and we are following the
collapse again all in the spaceship? What was it and how it will be? Will we
remember what it was like? Will we know who we are and what we have for tasks?
Or do we have to learn again?

The spacecraft before the big

The spaceship in the

The spacecraft after the

The ancient people of the
unborn in the spaceship.

After the Big Bang, the
creatures leave the ship until the collapse. Before the collapse of the
creatures move back into the spaceship!


On 29.07.1997


Before the Big Bang there was
a starting location / start time. From this starting point of the flight of the
spaceship began to the Big Bang. What was the cause of the Big Bang and what
will be the cause of the collapse? How long and how far does the universe
expand more of? Who caused the Big Bang? If the big bang triggered
automatically? That is, it monitors an automatic about the universe:

We are nearing the automatic
switchover to repentance toward collapse!

It seems almost half the
flight path to be behind us!

Where is this space-time


On 30.10.1997


Alternative Tourism: Aliens!

At any given time at any
point in space in the universe and beyond the universe!

In any shape!

In any size!

Unobtrusive in any case!

Aliens do not fall on!
Principle! Aliens come and go constantly! You do not need UFO`s and no
spaceships. Nothing zero they can traverse the universe! They are immortal!
Aliens are among us! They were always among us and will always be among us!
From the beginning to the end! Aliens know all about us and we know nothing
about them!

Extraterrestrials traverse
the infinite space and eternal time actually zero through space zero! Moment
zero presence-chamber vacuum zero!

A point in space determines
the period. The time determines the space-time. A point in space varies over
time! The timing varies across the room! one can observe the point in space
about eternity. you can watch the time over the infinity.

There is nothing and nobody

Copy of old and produce anew
so we is innate!

 It is our mission in
life in the universe!

If we therefore do not visit
aliens, we will visit aliens. Crucial for all development is the current
space-time! In what period we are met or we will achieve so we have achieved in
the space-time depends on the level of development!

 Man is destined to
travel the entire universe and leave it later!

The time must be ripe, then
the person gets paid all the possibilities! The sign of the maturity of time
and humanity will be when the moon produces its copy! This copy of the moon
will be a space station, with technology that may use the humanity!

Why and how the man from the
animal kingdom developed? Is biological evolution ends with man or humanity
splits again? Splitting into a higher race and a lower race? As humans and
apes? Masters and servants? Or is there now really a spiritual evolution: From
the lower to the higher? Man Differs only by its intellectual properties from
apes? Then the spiritual evolution has thus already begun in the animal
kingdom! Is the hydrogen atom more intelligent than the astronaut? If the
hydrogen atom, the intelligence of an entire universe? Where does the man with
his intelligence?

Monkeys do not wage war.
Convinced warfare of intelligence?

In hydrogen atom the total
knowledge of the universe is saved! We should learn from the hydrogen atom (its
nucleus and its product, the electron)! The hydrogen atom hides the

The philosopher knows no
inner and no outer limits! He captures the hydrogen atom to go deeper and does
not stop to think beyond the Universe!

The philosopher accepts no

The deeper I intrude into the
atomic model, the further I penetrate in

the universe before!

 If I manage to
penetrate into the core, then I succeed also to penetrate the electron. This
applies to the atom, as for the universe!

 Use the microscope and
the telescope! Recessed and expands your attention inwards and outwards!


On 14.11.1997


The Infinity has created the
limited space. The limited space has created the vacuum. The vacuum has created
matter (hydrogen atom).

Eternity has created the
limited time. The limited time created the present. The present has created the
anti-matter (anti-hydrogen atom).

united matter and anti-matter
led to the Big Bang and thus to expand within the limits of space and time!
When the expansion reached the limits of space and time, there will be a
contraction of the universe. This leads to a collapse in vacuum and in the
present. Thereafter, vacuum and present dissolve and then the boundaries of
space and time are canceled. There prevail again infinity and eternity! We are
children of infinity and eternity and will remain forever in the infinity!

 That means we already
lived forever in the infinite and we will live forever in the infinity!

Our earthly life is limited
spatially and temporally. Just like the universe is limited in space and time!
The repeal of these limits is the goal of all life in the universe! Then we
wait for the Big Bang and waiting to collapse! Birth and death of the limited
universe means eternity and infinity before birth and eternity and infinity
after the death of the universe!

At the moment we must resign
ourselves to the limits! The boundaries of the Big Bang and the collapse! We
have internal (vacuum, the present) and outer (universe) limits! Spatio-Temporal
boundaries inwards and outwards!

 is to be sought in the
infinity and eternity and to find! He is to be sought in a vacuum and in the
present and to find! But since we can not open the borders inwards nor outwards
(fainting), we have to recognize no chance!

That means we can not leave
the universe and do not penetrate into vacuum and present.


We can not leave the earth,
or penetrate into its center! So we have to live. Limited and confined indoors
and outdoors! We are not free! We are trapped in a ring.

We can not inwards and not

Good German: Imprisoned in
space and (ground) for life! Why not let us putting up?

I believe in a before and an
after that!

We do not come in in a vacuum
and the present and not in infinity and eternity out! We are trapped in time
and space! We are looking for freedom!

Unbegotten and we are free
Died. Alive, we are trapped!

History of physics: the Big
Bang to collapse!

We are children of vacuum,
and the presence and are children of infinity and eternity! Now we are children
of the earth for about 100 years! Trapped on the ground 100 years!

The earth is prisoner in the
universe! The universe is a prison!

Serves our prison for our

Our prison must have a
meaning! Are we on a trip?


On 28.11.1997


The Big Bang creates a
future. The future creates a presence. The present creates a past. The past
creates a collapse. Before the big bang and after the collapse prevails:

An eternity presence


An infinity vacuum!

Outward and inward limit!

The future is limited to the
outside to the Big Bang and inwards to the present.

The past is limited to the
outside to the collapse and inwards to the present!

The present is limited to
inside indefinitely and outwardly through the future and the past!

We have a cargo in the
universe, from the suspect we humans Nothing. We must also know nothing about
it! If the collapse is complete and we prepare for the landing, we will learn
more. Let us wait and see! Cargo spaceship universe! taken at the start and
intended for landing.


On 06.12.1997


From Big Bang to collapse! We
humans are a part of the guardians of the freight in this universe. The cargo
is the head of the universe. He has to be guarded and protected. The head is
located in the center of the universe. He still is the key. We knew the freight
and we will again recognize! We are products of this load!

Either we have a goal that we
seek and need to find, or we have an expectation that we have the goal that is
sought and found.

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