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diary 17




1. Quantum mechanics or relativity


2. boundary between quantum mechanics and relativity


3. Specialist and philosopher

4. simultaneity assertion


5. Quantum theory in the Great


6. speed

1. Quantum mechanics or relativity


I quote Stephen Hawking (A Brief History of Time) - Rowohlt Taschenbuch Verlag
26th Edition Page 78

"In principle, quantum mechanics does not say a particular result for an
observation advance, but a number of different possible outcomes and they
indicate how likely each will arrive from them."







1. Quantum mechanics or relativity


2. boundary between quantum mechanics and relativity


3. Specialist and philosopher

4. simultaneity assertion


5. Quantum theory in the Great


6. speed



7. time


8. Is the future now determined, or not?

9. power


10. Black Holes


11. Power Act


12. Time Illusion?

13th Illusion or Reality


1. Quantum mechanics or relativity


I quote Stephen Hawking (A Brief History of Time) - Rowohlt Taschenbuch Verlag
26th Edition Page 78

"In principle, quantum mechanics does not say a particular result for an
observation advance, but a number of different possible outcomes and they
indicate how likely each will arrive from them."


I use the following relation to:

Basically, the theory of relativity does not say a particular event for a
Observation advance, but a number of different possible outcomes and they
indicate how likely each will arrive from them.


Or predicts a theory, which will be by Christ on earth (or universe) in the
year 4500?


It's about the prognosis of the future!

Both theories relate to the past!


What is true in the microcosm, is true in the macrocosm.

From where to where does the quantum mechanics?

Where are where does the theory of relativity?

What time from when to when is the quantum mechanics?

What time from when to when is the theory of relativity?


In the theory of relativity, an event in space-time with is: x1y1z1t1

If the trigger point an extension in space or not?

If not, then there is only zero points in space, ie nothing.

Once the trigger point has an extension in the time or not?

If not, then there is only zero points in time, so no time.


however, the point in space an extension, which prevents me from then to extend
this point in space to infinity (ie at least as large as our universe!)?


however, the time expansion, which prevents me from then to extend this point
in time to infinity (ie at least as large as the age of the universe!)?


So for the space universe in time 15.7 billion years is the sum of all events
that occurred up to now have included.

But there is a point in space. How exactly can you specify a point in space? If
it is not zero, then it must have a value.

But what size can have a point?


How is a point determined? Using the coordinates?

Because it is out of nothing is nothing!


Therefore there must be a point gave the event 1e. emanated from the All. The
point was tiny but he was there! Now if he was there: Where did he come then?


We get this question answered sure, but not in this world!


Even worse: How exactly can you set a date?

1 year

1 month

1 week

1 day

1 hour

1 minutes

1 seconds

1 / 15.7 billion years

How exactly does it work? Dimension point time in two spatial dimension points.


Well, I'm the future.

The future, which will be in 80 billion years ago our universe can answer
neither quantum mechanics nor relativity.


And no, not quantum mechanics, and certainly not the theory of relativity can
say what has happened at time zero (the universe) in the space point zero.

We will not know probably alive.

Unless there is a premature end of the world, because then we could know what
time zero in the space point zero has happened.


The following applies:

Space> zero to x (quantum mechanics)

Space> x to y <infinity (Relativity)

Time> zero to t <infinity (both theories)

How big is a point. The following is valid for one point:

Space point zero at time zero



Space Universe Universe for age

Variations in between there are enough.

These points are all but in the past.

we know nothing about the future. Can only guess.


Otherwise applies:

In each theory

Inaccurate spatial point

inaccurate time


2. boundary between quantum mechanics and relativity



Zero <x to G quantum mechanics

and G to y <infinity relativity

Accordingly, the following applies:

Zero <x to G to Y <infinity

G is the limit


Now I say: Give me an exact value for G at.

G is simply not identifiable.

There is no exact value for G (the limit)

Do I not now prove mathematically.

There is basically no value for G.


That is, there is no border between the two theories.

It follows:


If there is no limit, a theory must be wrong!

Now we look for a closer look at.

Quantum mechanics is honest. She says of himself, the future is not clearly determined.

The relativity theory is dishonest, it says nothing about the future, which is
not already could predict Newton's theory.


Since there is no border between the two theories, only the quantum mechanics
can be correct.


Zero <x <infinity


As a small scale as in the Great!

Or as a whole, so in its entirety.


The future of the economy try to determine ways. Whether it is so, they do not


It applies to the future probability calculus, as in quantum mechanics.

Consequently, the theory of relativity must be wrong.

Or it proves to me someone that there is an identifiable boundary between the


Anything else.

for zero <x the usual applies:

There is always a value of less than x.



Infinity for y <applies the usual.

There is always a value of greater than y


So the knowledge of the truth always shifts the boundaries inwards to reach
smaller and smaller without ever zero and reach outward without ever infinity.


3. Specialist and philosopher


It is humanity as well as the specialist and the philosopher.

The specialist learns more and more about less and less until he knows
everything about nothing.

The philosopher learns less and less about more and more until he knows nothing
of everything.


In the sense.

It is on a small scale (microcosm) or large scale (macrocosm), the probability
theory as a basis for the future.


Therefore, the theory of relativity must be wrong.


If applicable, the calculation of probabilities for the future in the smallest
and to the greatest probability theory for the future must therefore applies
only to quantum mechanics from the least apply to greatest.


4. simultaneity assertion


At one point the entire universe has a certain state. Simultaneity assertion of
the room.

At any time has the complete universe depending on a certain condition.


At any one Space Punk this has the entire age of the universe. Simultaneity
assertion of time.

At any given point in space is part of the entire age of the universe.

This is in contrast to the theory of relativity.


One should not assume what you see. Assuming you have to get the idea of

The best example is the background radiation. The coming simultaneously from
all directions!


Consequently, the theory of relativity must be wrong.


With common sense goes a long way, than lifted intellectually-mathematically
proven theories.

and to insist on parroting his nachgeplapperten standpoint, is not scientific.

That seems to me like the emperor's new clothes. Until a child cries:

But he has to do nothing.

Since the masses begin to laugh ....


5. Quantum theory in the Great


There is no past



There is only time.


As there is the length.

As there is the width.

As there is the height.


But there is a difference to the room.

It flows.


Imagine a movie with still pictures before.

Each frame corresponds to a time.

Time for time is one frame!


Now imagine:

We take a snapshot of the entire universe, we say in one second.

The next second another image.


That means we have a three-dimensional film created (a hologram) of our


But what is now, when the film has long been completed, we not only know this

So do not know how he go from here?

Worse, we do not know how it started.

We are as people only come quite late.

We as mankind will go back very early.

So we have no idea how the movie started and we will never know how the movie


Nevertheless, one might ask:

Who made this movie?

What is the purpose of this film?

What should we as humanity in such a film?

Are we just a little episode?


Of course, the distance is not 1 second for an image.

But he approaches the Planck value. I now do not know the value. But I think he
is so at 10 high -44 seconds per image!

So no one can detect a single pickup.


These thoughts can only express, if you believe in the simultaneity of space
and time in the universe!

Time is therefore nothing more than the sequence of our universe!


Each image is a quant in the Great!

A normal movie takes 2 hours.

Our film is been 10 billion years.


OK, one more time:

A picture (a snapshot) of the universe is a quantum!

We can therefore conclude readily from small to large and include the Great in
the Small. Without encountering a contradiction.


6. speed


About the speed of light I'm wasting no thought, as a complete picture of the
universe is in a moment since. And just in the next moment, in a 10 high -44
seconds the next picture is there.

Now on such a computing power projection or power, we can only marvel.


How much frames per second creates the fastest camera?

10 high 44 frames per second of the universe about it? Technology on the one
should be amazed!


7. time


The time does not stretch out to the universe.

The time is always the same.

No matter how small or how big the universe is or will be.

There is no time dilation or time compression.


Since the time for everyone and everything, for the entire universe proceeded
constant runs and will extend.

The frame rate is:

10 high 44 fps.

Thus, the smallest unit of time:

10 to the minus 43 seconds.

This smallest unit of time is valid in the entire universe and is always and
everywhere the same.


No matter where I am and no matter how fast or how slow I move.

This may not be the twin paradox apply.


8. Is the future now determined, or not?


When the film of our universe was completed some time ago, then that's what's
coming, determined to finish.

But, and this is the appropriate for us, we do not know the further development
of this film.


We are unable to predict the future of mankind.

No man (no aliens) can overlook the entire universe to the smallest detail.


Especially not in the rapid succession of images.

So there is no one who lives in this universe, the future of the entire
universe (not even the humanity) predict, indeed can not even predict vague!

By the end of the universe (until the end of mankind).



The future is determined but we can not determine!


9. power


There are 4 forces acting in the universe.

G = gravitational

E = electromagnetism

S = weak nuclear force

St = strong nuclear force


The following applies:

Zero <G <E <S <St <infinity

Now I lay boundaries between the individual forces determined:

g = limit

Zero <G g e g g S St <infinity

Now they call me an accurate value for the boundaries between the various
forces which are different from zero.

This is not possible.



It is therefore only a force for which it holds the following law:

The closer, the stronger!


This force is dependent on the speed of the individual systems.

Atom (electron)

Solar system (planets)

Universe (galaxies)


In the nucleus, the force acts most, because it is closer together but it is
still> zero.

The power in the smallest is the greatest.

The power in the greatest is the smallest.


10. Black Holes


How big is the event horizon around the core of a black hole?

If there should be a black hole, then this could only contain nuclei.

This is practically impossible.


If it should be so, however, then its reach is minimal.

That is its event horizon would be zero.

The core of the black hole would be so small that it would not be visible with
the most powerful microscopes.

He would like a cancer. He would eat the astronauts at most of interior.

Never from the outside.


Well, even the black hole is considered the smallest

Time unit 10 to the minus 44 seconds.


Incidentally, I do not believe in the existence of a single black hole.

Because the strong nuclear force is just happens to be the strongest force we


It applies the following law:

The smaller the particles, the stronger the force and the smaller the range.


The other way round:

The larger the system, the weaker the power and the greater the range.


11. Power Act




Zero <x to y <infinity


Near infinitely small system,

near infinitely powerful force,

near infinitesimal range.




Near infinitely large system,

near infinite weak force,

near infinite range




The smaller the system,

the stronger the force,

the smaller the range.


The larger the system,

the weaker the force

the greater the range.


Still on the subject of power



To plus and minus.

Plus and Plus repel each other.

Minus and minus repel.

Plus and minus attract.

Between plus and minus is zero.

There is a hemisphere Plus.

There is a hemisphere minus.

In between there is a slice zero.

This is the theoretical center between the two hemispheres.

Links Plus drives the hemisphere apart (Plus Plus comes from).

Right drives minus hemisphere apart (minus comes from minus).

The center disc holds both hemispheres together.

Zero is the smallest and most powerful force.

Hemisphere Plus and minus hemisphere revolve around the disk zero.

Minus infinity weak force to zero.

Plus infinity weak force to zero.

Zero limit strong force to zero.

What is the limit of zero?

Zero consists of plus and minus.

From matter and antimatter.

Is that the only real world?

No annihilation, but association?

The union means the strongest force.

OK, one more time:

drives hemisphere Plus apart (Plus Plus comes from) matter.

Hemisphere minus drives apart (minus comes from minus) antimatter.

Or the other way around.

Slice zero between hemisphere Plus and minus hemisphere holds both hemispheres

So Does matter and antimatter together.


There is a weaker force than gravity. With even greater reach.


There is a stronger force than the strong force. With even smaller range.


That's all I have to say to the force.


12. Time Illusion?


Our universe an unknown movie!


1. The beginning is unknown


2. The duration is unknown


3. The end is unknown


4. The frame is unknown


The plot is not predictable and not calculable.




Time is the illusion of the sequence of unknown frames of this unknown movie
but is already fully present.


In this film you can:


see the inside from the outside and see the outside from inside!


The film is and remains exciting.


13th Illusion or Reality



1.Entweder the movie was filmed and is ready.




2.The film is being shot and is not ready yet.



to1) We live in an illusion (space and time are an illusion)


zu2) We live in a reality (space and time are a reality)


to1) Where is the projector? (Projectors)


zu2) Where is the camera? (Cameras)


In both cases, it is about a film (hologram) or a (shop) game and and that is
(or was) recorded.


It is certainly a screenplay before the film exists and there is a


This scenario establishes the boundaries in which A L L E S has to move in the
universe. (Space limitations and time limits).

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