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Tagebuch 03;1992 englisch

Diary 03

IN 1992


On 31.03.1992


TV on 15/03/1992 3 satellite

apocalyptic time

Nuclear fission: Cosmic

Loss of sensitivity, matter
mother-nuclear lap

With different reason, but
not separate

Humanly underdeveloped:
European America

Pannikkar Raimondo





On 04/05/1992


Space is limited.


On 06.04.1992


Spirit can only be measured
by its results here.

But not himself! That is, you
can only explore the effect, but not the cause! From the effect can not close
on the whole cause is, as we can only see an infinitesimal part of it!


Awareness is individually
conditioned! That is, consciousness is dependent on the individual (may also be
common to all mankind)!


Matter is finite and spirit
is infinite.


Only the person (humanity)
knows about past and future.


On 06.04.1992


Evolution (segregation of
strong and weak)

Inheritance law (segregation
of Bad and Good)

Conservation of energy
(balance of moved mass)

combined with conservation of

Man is a unity of thinking,
feeling and acting. Its aim is to separate from the earth. He has to seek the
job the way for.


5:30 am.


Materialism and idealism are
two halves of a pair of scissors.

If one uses these scissors,
one recognizes the truth. Currently there is a materialist truth and an
idealistic truth.

Idealism + = materialism

Materialism: random

Idealism: Miracle not

The accident must be turned
off. The miracle will be cleared.


On 13.04.1992


The materialist says mind is

The idealist says: Mind is

Both see (my) only the

Matter is provable, because
computable. Spirit is unprovable, because unpredictable.


Matter is provable:

We have no difficulties.
Already the children learn at school how to research the matter. Researchers,
scientists, specialists and laymen deal with the matter.

But what matter?


The Marxist says: It is the
outside and existing independently of consciousness reality (objective). That's
very nice, but it's also nonsense. For this objective reality already existed
before mankind was there. Where the hell was the consciousness?

We must look at the matter,
as if we do not befänden on and in her and stocks from itself, but so as if we
were outside of it and they would have to define.


To use foreign words I would


The matter consists of the


Kosmos is the world order
after foreign words. The contrast is the chaos, disorderly state of the world.


In the beginning there was
chaos. Today it is the cosmos and what will happen tomorrow?

The microcosm is composed of:
Solid matter, liquid matter, gaseous matter and again from: atomic nuclei and


Only where matter is, is
physical and spiritual life.

Spirit (including
consciousness) is not measurable.



-Funde Of hunting weapons and
other working devices from the primeval.

Breeding parent of plants and

-Old Deposits, populated

-Kunstwerke And documents
from the ancient world.

-Überlieferte Stories, fairy
tales and legends.

-Kunstwerke From every era.

-Heutige Buildings, plastics.

-Zukunftsdenken, Computer.


Man has spirit and thus acts
in the matter. But no man on earth alone has mind. There were thinking beings,
there are thinking beings and there will always be thinking beings in the
macrocosm give. However, all beings are mortal.


That is: They are born, live
and die. The spirit in the macrocosm is unlikely large. But it is fragmented by
the vast distances and very small.


What is consciousness?

Why do people develop

What man receives his

How is consciousness?

What does the consciousness?

Why has every man a
consciousness of their own?

Is there a collective -

Is consciousness
development-promoting and it may be anti-developmental?

What's curiosity?

What is imagination?

What is mind?

What is genius?

What is intuition?

What is instinct?

What idea?

What is memory?

What a person thinks about
the future?

Why does man the question of
the meaning of life?

This does no other living

Why does the man?

What is consciousness?

Awareness is purposeful
spiritual life of material living beings. Awareness have all earthly creatures.
For this I count people, animals, plants, microbes and all living matter.


Consciousness is not
programmed. It's free. Awareness is stofflos.

Consciousness is not
measurable. It is pure, subjectively colored mind.

Highest form of consciousness
is thinking and the exchange of ideas between people.


When developing the human
consciousness ?:

The first level of
consciousness is the impulse.

The second level of
consciousness is the instinct.

The embryo makes his physical
and mental development, from

first man through to the
Neumenschen, in the womb. No one should think that a newborn child is silly. It
is spiritually prefigured. It develops in the womb quite enormous awareness.


The third level of
consciousness is the learning need. This step comes to end of life.


Only later comes the first
word. Thus it begins to express themselves.

It learns to repeat. Makes
this seemingly meaningless phrases.

But that all are just
exercises. Only when the child begins to ask questions specifically, then sets
the causal thinking (in the connection base -cause) of the child.


In the next stage, it answers
questions themselves. Continue to the statement of the first own thought.

Later it goes to school and
learns. It goes on knowledge search.

The child learns from the
whole environment and from himself. Only when a certain level of knowledge is
reached, it can develop its own theories.


This is the most important
time for the formation of opinion.

He learns to do research from
the universe to the macrocosm and the microcosm. The learning never stops.


This was the last and highest
step has occurred, the independent thinking.


Outside of the cosmos, we
have nothing to look for material beings. But even in the microcosm we should
not use force.


There are energies that we
suspect people nothing.

Man should do research, but
do not do violence. Neither against the nature nor against people.

Learn to live with the matter.
Use it and guards it.


On 08.04.1992


With the awareness of a
person to control his actions. It depends on how a person has developed
physically and mentally, and has been brought up.


Of course, physical and
mental inheritances determine a role. Human development is complex to see. You
can never close from an act on the entire people. Again, the law of series, of
course, exceptions can occur.


Of course, a person can one
(or more) people who harm mentally and physically with the help of his consciousness.
What is the damage that occurs, then there is of course on the physical and
mental condition of the (or the) victim (s).


Suppose the heresies of a
guru (sect leader). It can be addictive by psychological pressure people of
himself spiritually and physically (also materially). It is made by him a
so-called brainwashing of his victims, to which are dependent or hearing from

Here hypnosis can also play a


Or people be addicted to
drugs to these spiritual and physical wrecks are and ultimately set the golden

So it is up to the earthly


Leaves the awareness to
people, he is spiritually dead. If this condition lasts too long, the physical
(biological) death occurs.

There are not many ways that
a person dies.


Only the when and where is
the question:


-Diseases (To cardiac arrest)

-Murder (war)

- Or suicide


Of course dictatorships can
cause spiritual damage in the population.

we thought only to the border
guard. Completely normal people become murderers.


Is consciousness positive or
negative ?:

Consciousness is positive if
it uses the human race. It is negative in the other case. The key is for the

Positive consciousness is to
live with nature without harming it.

The same applies to the
animal kingdom, the plant kingdom, the microbiology, the macrocosmic life etc.


Actually, there is no
negative consciousness, there are only negative actions. This can occur through
a change in consciousness. That is a mental illness.


On 04/11/1992


What does the consciousness

Consciousness causes life.
Without consciousness there is no life. Every life has consciousness.


There are no chosen life. is
measured every individual in his actions.

Every person is physically
and mentally conceived and born.

Why has every man a
consciousness of their own?

Everyone is unique. An
individual. He was born as the original and sometimes ends as a uniform mind.
Nevertheless, he keeps his own consciousness. There is no consciousness which
is identical to another (for each individual).


Consciousness is thus a
subjective. Thereby there are different reactions to one and the same objective

Why has every man a
consciousness of their own?


The question why is put after
each term. So afterwards. Man is born with an individual consciousness. In a
world that is perceived differently. With this world, man has to deal. Why
everybody reacts differently now?

- The place of every person
is different

- The sense organs of every
person react differently

- The interest of each person
is different

- The goal of every person is

- The spiritual development
of each person is different

- The brain structure of
every human being is differentiated


So you can not say that every
person is born with the same mental conditions. is as little as no man born
exactly the same physical conditions.


Only later, by the same
trainings, by friendship, by political views etc. are possible similar
consciousness reactions. For example, fans of an artist. They are somehow
agree. But they remain subjects. Even identical twins show at all similarity
differentiated views.


The awareness of people makes
naturally by changes. Just as his body:

- The apparently naive
consciousness of the child

- Awareness of adults

- Awareness of the old man

But the basic consciousness
is preserved.

Is there collective


 On 16.04.1992


What is thinking?

It is a peculiar type of man
on this earth. Developed thinking with the language. The thinking was of course
before the language there.


Without abstract thinking no
language could originate! She is not innate.


Thinking is to mentally get
in touch with themselves and with their environment apart. Every person thinks
for himself alone. He has to draw conclusions from it and make these available
for his life. That's conscious life. It follows the consciousness of man. It
evolved from the environment,


It is Holy Thursday! Day of


On 21.04.1992


The spirit is the engine of
matter! His energy generates the life.


On 04/26/1992


The dialectic is a logical
theory. This is unfortunately limited. She thinks only in the form of a track
or a straight line. We need to get over the areal thinking to spatial thinking.


On 27.04.1992


The faith and the work
distinguish humans from animals.

Not thinking.


On 30.04.1992


Each element has its
spiritual function.


Man is not the measure of all


The creation as a whole is.
From largest to the smallest.

Everything created is
imperfect and therefore transitory.

What is man without the
world? Space?


Is the earthly life related
to extraterrestrial life?

Originates man from another

Is life been settled on the

Do we have all common

Will we seek our origin


Life is a circle that closes.
It starts at point zero, going on infinity and ends at point zero. No one can
even affect the beginning and the end. From the microcosm up to the last
material part of the macrocosm.

The mayfly.

The human being. The

The tree.

The earth.

The solar system. etc.

Until the entire universe!

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