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Tagebuch 01 1982-1986 englisch


diary 01


On 06/28/1982

The materialist differentiated:

He's right.

The idealist abstracts:

He's right.

Both go apparently separate


We only have one common


Knowledge is: The task of


We need our existing

enhance linguistic terms and

differentiating terms


Every human has

Knowledge boundaries. What goes beyond it,

he can believe or not.

Man is not in the

Able to produce material energy,

which do not already potentially

were present. He can only release this

to his benefit or harm.

The task of man

not is material energy

to develop, but he has

the task

release spiritual energies.

On 06/29/1982 20:17

Humanity is

not only on the ground, but

with this in heaven.

There is only one freedom that

There is no limit, which is the freedom of belief.

If one divides an opponent

he is weakened.

The individual just as

how many. Unit protects the strong.

Only faith can adhere to the

Feeling borders keys.

The idea overlapping

Feeling borders!

Initially, the unit was in


Our language is the language

the logician.

Feeling alone is nothing.

Thinking alone is nothing.

For this we need the

Space technology development.

Experiences (earth,

Search and explore solar system, galaxy, space).

We probably have the

leave the solar system.

The path will give us the time


Are not we in a position then

to leave the earth, is the

Earth with her entire life

and knowledge die.

Doubts may and must,

but not fear.

may hesitate to and have to,

but not too long.

Words are apparently empty

Terms. Behind every single word puts an infinite amount of


The parrot speaks, he

but not informed.

Unity of people in

Faith at all differentiation only one goal:

The preservation of mankind.

I believe in the people.

After all, not because we have something

want, we can do that, but if we

something can, we have the

Freedom to do something or to refrain.

The freer a person is, the

purposeful falls from his decision. It is essential that knowledge

for freedom. Feeling the limits.

Reliance on the

Correctness of own decision and the love

to live.

There will always be a human

Machtausübendes organ remain necessary

to the humanity or

all organisms harmful forces

to have under control.

Two basic tasks, the

People get in the cradle:

The 1st must explain where the

The aim of his thinking leads.

The 2. Where the purpose of his

Movement results.

The answer is:

to 1) The preservation of

earthly life

to 2) The continuation of the

earthly life on a new planet.

Man does not researched the

Infinity, which was impossible for him

made an order he always

has target.

Everything is spatially seen

over time.

When feeling and spirit

have united, on Earth, is the destination

not far anymore.


Only the unit must all

People on earth exist.

Feeling and thinking are one

in the spirit.

Only a settled man can

others consolidate.

One can not enter the brain

a person entering (physically)

order at the thought

get hold.

If the spirit of his body

issued no orders, then rests this,

his senses are insensible

for the outer body. But to the outside

watch this sense yet.

Every person is different. none

like the other.

No one is in a

Second equal.

But we should all an object

have. Therefore everyone should in its own way and

Way to this goal

working towards. It should be equal to everyone.

is In its action target

every man be identical. In its

Handlungsart to each his

retain individuality.

People differ only in case of doubt!

Only in motion, not in


Movement they perceive as

pleasant. Separation as unpleasant.

Association as pleasant.

Attempts to recognize you.

Unite. Addiction together.

From the beginning to the end.

The scope of the doubts is the

common set of feelings and knowledge.

Feeling is infinite. Knowledge

is limited.

On 01.07.1982 21:45

is the element of the beam

infinity (His surface). Its content is infinitely small. Zero.

We are at the moment on the

Level of thinking. Everyone thinks

that he has the true faith.

Man needs imagination,

where it is necessary and logic, where they

is possible.

Blue Bird was my First

Book. The image of an Indian that my

Father drew, the last

thing I remember about him.

This Indian smoked the

Peace Pipe. The Indian smokes the

Peace Pipe by in

every direction does a train.

He goes round in circles.

The smoke rising into the sky and the ash

falls to the ground.

On 07/26/1982

No man is the other

equal. Nevertheless, we divide in:

Man Woman

Young Girl

No year is like another.

Nevertheless, we divide in:

Spring Summer

Autumn winter

No one experienced the same as

the other. Nevertheless, we divide in:




It all seems the same. It

may be the same, or another of the place.

Only time is always a


External blemishes blank on inside

include starches.

The purpose of the unit in the

Faith of all people. It is the goal.


On 08.01.1986

Is it possible solar wind sail

to construct? Or is her mass too small? What is the speed


You can pierce through unrestrained

the earth and the sun.

What they have for a task?

What is the task of all

Planets, the sun and the moon?

Join only the earthly

Live at a particular location?

What happens next?

When will this place with

reach our galaxy?

Stretches Milky Way


If yes why?

Why and why life exists?

Has life by chance


Or is there for a law


The sun is the leader

our solar system!

The sun is the

Center of the galaxy out! (All solar systems). Our galaxy away

from the center of the cosmos outside.

The earth is a spaceship!

In her life is protected!

On 26.03.1986

The cosmos is a point. The

is the highest abstraction that is possible.

The cosmos moves and

changes shape. The earth is a

Point within the cosmos. On

you have all the elements of the cosmos included.

On 04/06/1986

Three points determine the

earthly human habitat in

a given period.

The first point is the birth.

A fixed point (with date and time).

The second point is the place

birth (according to the coordinates).

The third point is the death


This time is also

tied to one place.

So there is no substantive

Eternity. But there is a temporal eternity.


The birth lasts 9 months.

Life lasts 50 years.

Death takes a moment.

On 29.04.1986

If the person on earth

was born?

If the person on earth


Where does he comes from?

Is life on earth

was born?

Is life on earth

been settled?

Where does it come from?

What is the role of the human being?

What does the life?

An object is the Life


A job is the knowledge

to expand!

But has a purpose?


Dies life, then dies

the knowledge from?

Which knowledge has the animal,

the plant and the matter?

On 06.05.1986

Is the emergence of life, a

Cell to spiritually, chance?

Has the individual a sense?

Or is it just a chain link


Where does this chain?

Why are there so many

Individuals: Plants - animals - people?

plant species


human species

Why are there so many "kinds"

the reproduction !?

Does the nature of the life?

Evolves but Everything


Is the origin of life:


game or


Is there a biological

History, which refers to the future?

Or is the biological development

at the end?

On 05/17/1986

A hydrogen atom is produced in

a room of 10 cubic kilometers a year.

From this follows: Eternal universe.

Only a portion of the fixed stars

is likely to have planets. planets are

dark companions of the fixed stars.

Approximately 10% of the stars have

Planet. Sun and planets

have a common origin.

In the planet's interior, there is no


Depth of 60 km melting point of all


The beginning of the biological

Age billion before 2 years.

It is inconceivable that

such complicated organs, how

the human brain, by

make random mutations.

Mercury: No life possible.

Venus: More sophisticated

Creatures go on Venus immediate basis.

Mars: Hardly primitive life.

Planetoid: Between Mars and


Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus,

Neptune, Pluto: No life.

Life on planets in distant

Worlds: The suns are desolate gas deserts.

6 fixed stars with planets


have 10% of all fixed stars

Planet, estimated.

Since we have the conviction,

that life in many places

forms of the cosmos

make chance and necessity

a dialectical contradiction.

Apparent chance: A

deeper need that out of chaos

of accidents

are detach.

Directed chance: Cubes

sort out 1x5 + 2x5 etc.

It is conceivable that distant

Galaxies made entirely of antimatter.

In galaxy annually

about 100 Novae. From Holzmüller: Umwelt.In

On 05.06.1986

There are anti-stars,

Anti galaxies, and there are also anti-people?

On 06/07/1986

Man seeks the beginning and

finds the end. Is there after the end

a new beginning?

The photons of all stars

strike the earth's surface (light).

The Neutrinos of all stars

hit Earth.

On 18.06.1986

Nature controls the chance.

Who Is nature?

On 21.06.1986

Evolution of matter! Life.

Evolution of the Spirit?


When a person is born, remains

obtain the amount of the particles.

takes the expectant life

Particles on the mother, who has previously recorded the mother.

The deceased man are

Particles into the environment, the

Nature receives.

Until all particles of nature

are added.

What Evolution:

Development from the lower to

Higher, or from simple to


Organisation of the particles, from

Lower to the higher.

If reversibility possible?

That is from the higher to the


Evolution includes the

whole a cosmos!

By annihilation is the

all matter and antimatter converted into radiation.

Can one matter (your

Particles) in antimatter (Their particles)

to convert? Reactor!

It is possible that

Antiparticles to "collect"?

Can we by a particle

determine the origin?

Is there any information of a

ideal origin?

Or only material?

Can we with them

prove rational life?

The man takes a deep breath,

eating and drinking on particles.

to Organize particles

untargeted (messy), or

is the organization


In school we are

materialistic educated.

In the Church we Are

idealistically educated. learn at home

we form opinions.

On 10.09.1986

Knowledge others of us, from the


We know from other nothing!

.What is the meaning of life?

I do not mean life

the single individual,

but the whole life of

Beginning of the first cell to the present day and

in the future by the


Specifically on the question: "What is the

Sense all life? "

There must be a purpose for which

the life to man

has developed, give.

I wonder what the

Mankind on earth?

Has humanity a

Task? I say yes.

On 12.09.1986

How this task

define? The longest period of their

Existence the earth was without


The intelligence of the people

seems to be unlimited. The clash

with other rational

Nature seems to be a matter of time.

Hence the object of the
Humanity "prepare for a meeting with extraterrestrial intelligence


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